Sunday, October 20, 2013

Lovin' It!!

After over four months on the GAPS diet, I am loving it. Some days are tough, because this lifestyle is truly labor intensive and unforgiving. But, even when it is difficult, the benefits far outweigh the challenges. I am almost halfway through my fifth month being migraine-free. I have lost forty (yes, FORTY) pounds! And I feel better than I've felt in years. No more cravings, no more addictions to bad food, no more temptation to eat I know I shouldn't (who would want to eat something that can cause migraines? It just isn't worth it). And I can enjoy yummy food without guilt. It is awesome. And the results can be multiplies times ten, because every single member of my family is benefitting, too. 

It is remarkable to see the improvement in my dyslexic daughter. She still struggles, but life is markedly easier in so many ways. And, she is reading! All of my kids are showing improvement, actually. Attention is improved, behavior is relaxed, volume is decreased, and though this diet has not been a cure-all (my little guy with CP still has CP; my sensory kids are still sensory kids; my Autistic kid is still autistic), their struggles are less and life has definitely improved. Even my daughter who hates the diet is beginning to see benefits; already very smart, she is thinking faster and playing games more successfully (which means she is winning more often) since beginning this "psychotic diet" as she calls it.

And, I am still learning, which I love. Probably my favorite new trick is baking "pancakes." Instead of frying individual pancakes, I pour all the batter in the pan and bake it for about thirty minutes. Saves me a TON of time, and tastes great. 

We have found some amazing desserts, too. My favorite is peanut butter pie, from the Internal Bliss cookbook. We've modified it by adding cocoa powder (which is legal on full GAPS) to the crust. White bean cake is AMAZING, but for breakfast we call them "white bean muffins." After all, no self-respecting mom will serve cupcakes for breakfast, lol. We also really like ground sunflower seeds for baking, rather than almond meal or coconut flour. The best part about that is, sunflower seeds are cheap!

The GAPS lifestyle may not be cheap, easy, or quick. It doesn't fit very well with our go-go-go 21st Century culture. The benefits, however, have far outweighed the difficulties, and I am even more committed to it than ever before.