Saturday, September 14, 2013

Getting in Stride

We are rapidly approaching the three month mark of our GAPS diet journey. And while it is still a lot of work, and it is more expensive than how we were eating before, the overall gains far outweigh the costs!

The biggest blessing is, I have been migraine-free for almost three months. That is truly miraculous and amazing, considering how debilitated I was just a few short months ago. The other thing is, we've seen a slight improvement in our anxiety and sensory kids. It isn't huge - not a transformation like I'd hoped for or miraculous like my migraines, but definitely improvement. Let's just put it this way; we can see the difference if they get foods they aren't supposed to have.

And, we're figuring out how to cook grain-free, which has been a huge transition. I probably miss grains more right now than I have at any other time since we started this. Overall, I'm missing "regular" food more; I think we all are. But, most of us are also convinced that cheating is just not worth it.The consequences are too great - we don't feel good when we eat foods that we shouldn't. 

Our kitchen has changed, dramatically. The microwave is gone. We have two dehydrators, three four crock pots (that are going almost all the time), I've started ordering coconut in five pound boxes, and I know how to plan a menu, prep food for two or three days in advance, and we're figuring out some convenience foods, which make life MUCH easier.

My two biggest tips are, keep broth going, all the time. When you empty a crock pot, fill it again with fresh water, a few new bones, and start it simmering again. And, keep a small crock pot filled with bone broth and carrots. The carrots are a great snack, filled with nutrients that have kept our little ones from getting too hungry or frantic about food, and they simply taste great. If you keep them going all the time, you always have snacks on hand.

It has been a difficult journey, to a large degree because of how overwhelmed we were, but I am so glad we took that first step.

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