Friday, July 12, 2013

Day 25

It is hard to believe how much time has passed since my last blog. Quite exciting times we've had around here, too. Because of our cheat day, we took a few steps backwards on the stages, which I expected. Then we progressed a little too quickly, and a few kids had both tummy aches and extra trips to the toilet. Good ol' bone broth and very very cooked veggies with sufficient probiotics fixed everyone right up. 

Having been at this for almost a month, the family is settling into a fairly comfortable routine. It is still pretty busy in the mornings, getting everyone their probiotics, making juice, scrambling eggs, then cleaning up again in time to rest a little before jumping into lunch. But, it is getting easier. So much easier that we've started adventuring out a little ways from home. It isn't too adventurous; my parents' house, or the local park, but still, we're gaining confidence and that is fun.

Having gained a little bit of confidence, and having cheated without too much difficulty last week, I decided I'd try it again. A friend and I met at the local public market, where a gentleman makes the most amazing scones you have ever tasted. Even though they are chock full of all the foods I've given up, the temptation was just too great. I bought a scone. And every last crumb was savored. 

But, the delight didn't last that long. After visiting for a bit, I began to feel less than great. Then, I began feeling pretty crummy. Before too long, I was downright miserable, not sure I'd be able to drive all the way home. When I did make it home, a brief trip to the bathroom was my only stop on the way to bed, where I promptly collapsed.

This morning, thankfully, I woke up feeling fine. Other than taking a few steps back on the Intro diet (by choice, because my tummy needed a break after its assault), I didn't notice any lasting effects from my dalliance, by God's grace. And, knowing that neither milk nor sugar caused a similar reaction (I ate both on the Fourth of July), I am fairly confident that wheat was the trigger for my misery. So, even if I do fall off the wagon again (which I doubt, because I am feeling much better in many ways), it certainly won't be with a scone made from bleached white flour, or anything with a grain in it at all!!

One positive benefit of having been through my adventure yesterday; I know how much better I feel now; it hasn't even taken six months, like Dr. Campbell-McBride recommended. It is a gradual change, so you don't realize the transformation that is taking place until you add something back in that is bad. Then the light bulb goes on. It is an easy decision at that point to avoid the triggers!!

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