Friday, July 26, 2013

Learning Curve

We are almost two months into our GAPS journey, and considering how daunting this adventure is, it is going very well. That is not to say that we haven't seriously contemplated quitting more than once. But things are getting easier, and now that we're basically past the Intro Stage, a little less expensive. And, as a home educator who loves to learn, the educational aspect of this whole experience has been rather exhilarating. 

Over the last six weeks, I have learned to make yogurt,
whey (one of my new favorite drinks), almond and coconut milk, cheese (that was an accident, lol, but a good-tasting one), almond meal, bone broth, homemade gummies (though mine haven't turned out that pretty), fruit leather, an incredible variety of soups, gluten-free bread, pancakes with squash instead of flour, smoothies from juice that has as many veggies as fruit (and we love them?!), make "ice cream" with my Omega juicer, soak and dry my own nuts, and even (though not very successfully, yet) kefir. My daughter has taken care of the sauerkraut, but we're eating homemade now!!
Cheese - an accidental success...

Our children still get very hungry, and not having any "cheap fillers" like rice and potatoes to extend meals and fill tummies has been exhausting as well as expensive; we are, it seems, constantly preparing or cleaning up from preparing food. If you are considering the GAPS diet, a factor you definitely need to consider is the cost, both financially and in time. And going anywhere is extra complicated, because (at least from my experience) there simply are no GAPS convenience foods. Everything takes advanced preparation and a level of intentional planning. The good news is, it gets easier as you go.

Another really neat aspect of what we're doing is what our children are learning. My son (who is six) had enough money to buy a cantaloupe at the fruit stand we buy our fruits and veggies from. He brought it home, cut it up, shared some with his brother and sisters, then froze the rest for later! I was so proud of him. 

Though the journey has been very difficult, and not very fun on several occasions, I am loving the lessons I've learned, and am incredibly thankful the learning curve is not quite so steep.


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