Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Day Sixteen - Adventures in the Heat

Yesterday was a sweltering 105 degrees where I live. Even with the most enticing aroma, no one in my house wanted to eat bone broth. As a (sometimes) compassionate mama who tries to (almost) never make my kids eat anything I don't like, we decided to forgo the GAPS Intro essential, and "go rogue." 

Instead of bone broth, we pushed the envelope a little and added frozen bananas to the fresh juice we were already drinking, for smoothies. Another wise mama suggested I freeze some of my yogurt into ice cubes, so those went into the blender, too. The result was both refreshing and delicious. After lunch, we hard boiled eggs, instead of scrambling them, and headed to the river to play in non-chlorinated water, as Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends. It was wonderful. And the kids played for almost two hours without any melt-down issues. 

For dinner, we again steered away from the bone broth, though it had cooled to around 95 by that time. Instead, a luxurious salad, with fresh lettuce from our garden, avocados, home-toasted almonds, and (a very few) delicious pieces of fresh, peeled cucumber. For a dressing, I blended some cold-pressed olive oil into homemade yogurt, then added a touch of sour cream and some of my home-dried herbs. It was amazing.

My husband grew up with garlic salt on his salad, so I took some dried minced garlic I'd picked up from the local  public market (dried by the elderly gentleman who grew the garlic) and pulverized it, along with some sea salt, with my mortar and pestle. That worked fabulously, too.

When it was time to go to bed, since it was still close to 90 degrees in our house, I used our shaved ice maker to shave ice, then added fresh juice to make healthy slushies. It worked!! And it made the juice go much farther.

In the end, I was pretty proud of myself. We were able to mostly stick with the diet in spite of the record-breaking heat, and it was downright enjoyable! And, time for true confessions: I seriously considered giving up on the whole thing yesterday. It was just too overwhelming, for a variety of reasons. My husband, who wasn't that enthusiastic about beginning this adventure, was the one to point out all the reasons he thought we should continue!! His encouragement, along with some great suggestions, turned the tide on my despair, and helped give us a delightful day.

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