Monday, July 1, 2013

Day Fifteen

I have a confession to make. I am sick of broth! I am sick of making it, sick of smelling it, and especially sick of eating it. Especially when it is 105 degrees outside. The last thing on earth I want to eat is bone broth, even if it is full of yummy veggies and gaining flavor every day. After fifteen straight days of it, I'm sick of bone broth!

And, I'm not real sure we're seeing any results. So far, we've sailed through the first four stages with hardly any issues at all. A couple of days I had migraines that were triggered by die-off, and a few days several of us felt pretty tired, but I think it was more a problem with not eating enough carbs than from die-off, or any significant indication that this diet is doing anything more than making me crazy.

Yesterday, we went without our customary carrot juice before breakfast. You are supposed to drink juice on an empty stomach, and I just didn't have time to get everything done in time to leave for church. So, we went without juice. That was a mistake. Our four year old didn't do well, having a cosmic meltdown before church was even half way through. So, we went home, after buying MORE carrots (bringing us really close to 200 lbs of carrots in two weeks, lol), and making some juice. 

Thankfully, the juice worked its magic (again) and everyone settled down quickly. The rest of the day was quite enjoyable, except that kids were "starving" at bedtime, again. We have tried to plan snacks before bedtime, so little ones go to bed with full tummies, but they have radar!! If one of the older kids, or my husband (who has been coming in late the last few nights) starts to scramble eggs, or heat soup, they are up begging to eat whatever is being prepared. Ugh. Still working on dealing with that.

One positive note; I've battled yeast infections for years. One doctor told me it could be related to my dad's exposure to Agent Orange in Vietnam, but I don't know. Anyway, I've battled it for years; tried all sorts of products, took prescriptions, even went on a very restrictive candida curing diet (which you can read about here), without success. But, after only two weeks, I'm seeing remarkable improvement. So, that is evidence something good is happening from all this craziness and challenge.

And, as I think about it more critically, my little ones haven't had as many meltdowns/anxiety/panic attacks since we started. Like I said, Little Dot had a cosmic meltdown yesterday at church, but those used to be a much more common occurrence. Besides, we're committed to this for two years (unless life improves earlier), so I better find reasons to be thankful instead of looking for things about which to complain.

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