Friday, June 28, 2013

Day Thirteen, Part II

Having made it to the point where we can use grain-free flour, my daughter was hankering for some cookie dough. So we looked around Pinterest, and found this recipe, this recipe, and this recipe, that we though were worth trying. But, we didn't have all the ingredients. So, we looked online for some other ideas.

Then, my daughter realized she could just modify her regular chocolate chip recipe, but leave out chocolate chips, baking soda, and eggs and substitute honey for the sugar. We discussed the idea, and she ran of joyfully to attempt this new confection (ok, it isn't really a candy, but it is close, right?). When she brought me a sample, it was very dry - like can't-swallow-the-lump-in-your-mouth dry. After adding a few ingredients, without much improvement in the results, it finally dawned on me to ask how much flour she'd used. She used 2 1/2 cups! In the recipes we'd been looking at, the average amount was one fifth of that!! 

So, our first attempt at grain-free goodies has been a little less than successful. But, we've learned that you don't use as much coconut flour as you do wheat flour, lol!! And that is a good lesson  to learn.

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