Saturday, June 22, 2013

Day Five

Well, I'm posting about Day Five on Day Six, because yesterday was a pretty rough day. 

Little ones are still being stubborn about eating the bone broth so woke up crabby. We've added carrot juice as a regular part of our mornings to bridge the gap until kids start eating more of the nourishing, healing foods on the intro diet. 

It is also taking a tremendous amount of time to prepare food, especially because we are feeding kids every three hours or so. By the time I get one "meal" cleaned up, it is past time to begin preparing for the next one. If I'd purchased the guide and menu before  we started the diet, instead of after, I could have gotten ahead on prepping veggies, and not just the broth. If you are thinking about starting the GAPS diet, I strongly advise you purchase this invaluable resource, available here.

I'm also a day behind because I was knocked down by another migraine. While some confusion exists about die-off and reactions to food (you can read more about that here), I'm pretty confident my headaches are related to die-off; they both started almost immediately after I ingested an increased amount of probiotic food (specifically sauerkraut). It is hard not to eat too much at a time, I'm finding, however, because it is yummy, and the initial recommended amounts are really quite small (like a teaspoon at a time). A detox bath didn't really help much, either, so I broke down and took my prescription headache treatment and went to bed. Thankfully, I'm feeling MUCH better this morning, and I have (hopefully) learned my lesson. We'll see.

Today is, thankfully, starting off on a much happier note. Little ones ate more of the broth (we started putting it in mugs and calling it "tea"), and because we are feeding them more frequently, they are not having quite so much trouble with low blood sugar (we have a couple of kiddos who are particularly sensitive to that). Plus, we added scrambled eggs this morning!! Everyone is very excited because bone broth "tea" and scrambled eggs are much more "breakfast-like" than a bowl of soup.

At this point, I'm not sure we're seeing any real noticeable improvement, but after only five days, it is pretty early. Dr. Campbell-McBride recommends sticking with the diet at least six months. If you really don't think you are seeing any improvement, you can stop and see what happens. Many people have commented, however, that when they stopped the diet, they almost immediately noticed the changes. So, we're going to stick to this for at least six months.

Well, actually, I've noticed one thing!! Over the last five days, I've lost a significant amount of weight! Partly it is due to not eating during my migraines, but my pants are definitely looser. We are NOT doing the GAPS diet for weight loss, but it is a nice side benefit, for those of us who need to loose weight.

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