Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Day Nine

Here I am, posting about the day before, again. By the time everyone is ready for bed, meals are prepped for tomorrow, and fermenting and/or culturing foods are done, I'm totally tuckered. It doesn't take very long for my energy to be tanked completely. Thankfully, mornings are getting better, and my youngest is sleeping on his own, for short periods, so I'm getting a better start to the day.

Yesterday did not start well. It was pretty miserable, to be quite frank. My son's diaper leaked, and he had a panic attack when I took it off. Then, before I could get another one on him, he started to go on the floor, and that also freaked him out. Consequently, breakfast was late, prompting several other kids to have meltdowns. Then, the kicker was, as I was preparing to blend pancakes in my beloved Vita-mix (amazing blenders, if you've never seen or heard about them), my youngest son (the difficulties of yesterday seem to center around him. Hmmm) turned it on and lifted the container off the base, damaging the teeth on both the base and the container, as well as (from the sound of things) the motor. Ugh. After spending an inordinate amount of time making grain-free pancakes (with nut butter, squash and fresh eggs - quite yummy), it was time to clean up and start all over again.

My husband was a huge help, but the morning completely exhausted me and the rest of the day was a drain.

On a positive note, I did capture some photos, and the yogurt I made actually thickened (we've enjoyed "yogurt smoothies" several times). Yeah! So, here are photos, some from earlier in the journey, and some from my adventures yesterday. 

And, obviously, today has gone much better. I think the biggest difference (besides not beginning my day with a leaky diaper) was writing out a plan for meals and figuring out my priorities for the day, so that even with interruptions, I can get back on track quickly. It is a habit I got away from with my son's challenges, but it can be a lifeline, especially while on GAPS. I'd be happy to share my menu, but my phone is on the fritz (that same boy who broke my Vita-mix dropped my phone in his soup - guess we know what he thinks of the soup, lol).

Pecans, drying in my oven after soaking all night.

 Sour cream and kefir "in process" on my fridge

Yogurt, culturing in my oven, with the light on to maintain a temperature of about 100 degrees. 

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