Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Day 2

Well, the second day has definitely been more difficult than the first one. First of all, my little ones have HATED the bone broth. Even the chicken broth, with some onions and garlic, was very unpopular. So, kids are getting hungry, which makes them very grumpy, clingy, and they cry MUCH easier. Our four year old, with anxiety issues, tends to have more melt downs when she is hungry, so guess how I spent most of my morning...

But, other than the little ones being extra grumpy, and the rest of us being a bit tired, we haven't had too tough a time, yet. I'm honestly quite surprised. We'll see what happens tomorrow, but with things going so well, we are quickly progressing to cooked veggies. Perhaps we'll try carrot juice and egg yokes next. I still need to make yogurt, and getting on top of all the supplements (the fish oil, probiotics, the enzymes, etc) is keeping me on my toes, but we are doing this on a grand scale; anything you do with this many kids is on a grand scale, lol.

Can't say I feel a whole lot different at this point, or that I'm noticing a dramatic improvement in my children, but I'm still committed to this journey. And, honestly, our situation wasn't nearly as bad as many people I've read about who started GAPS. We definitely had kids who showed signs of the gut and psychology syndrome Dr. Campbell-McBride describes, but we hadn't progressed to genuine food issues yet. And, we've kept most processed foods out of our diet already, which is why, at least in part, we're not experiencing significant die-off or other reactions at this point. 

Now, I may eat my words, and come back for a huge slice of humble pie with my next post, but at this point (by God's grace) we're actually fairing pretty well. My four year old did spend part of the day yesterday screaming "I WANT CANDY!!" and our twelve year old (who I didn't expect to have any difficulty) has been in tears more than once, but over all we're fairing very well.

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